• Métis Nation of Alberta
    Métis Nation of Alberta

    The MNA is the representative voice of the Métis people in Alberta. As of November 2015, there were 29,114 Métis Albertans registered with the MNA.

  • Rupertsland Institute
    Rupertsland Institute

    Rupertsland Institute is an affiliate of the Métis Nation of Alberta and holds a triple mandate in education, training and research. We offer programs, services and information to Métis people in these areas through a network of offices across Alberta.

  • Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc.
    Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc.

    Apeetogosan is committed to providing profitable and sustainable financial services and support to clients who seek the means to attain economic self-sufficiency.

  • Métis Crossing
    Métis Crossing

    Métis Crossing is the first major Métis cultural interpretive center in Alberta. The development and operation of this facility mirrors the core values of the Métis community including self-sufficiency, respect of elders, participation of youth, and pride in our culture.


  • Habitat for Humanity Edmonton
    Habitat for Humanity Edmonton

    We partnered with Habitat for Humanity to renovate ten of our maturing units that now form a part of our Habitat for Humanity/MCHC Home ownership Program for Metis and Indigenous families.

  • CoE: Cornerstones Program
    CoE: Cornerstones Program

    Cornerstones was created to increase the number of long term affordable housing units and advocate for increases in income supports and support services funding for lower income Edmontonians in need of housing. We partnered with the City of Edmonton’s Cornerstones Program to create Voyageur Manor.

  • Canadian Accreditation Council
    Canadian Accreditation Council

    A non-profit organization that has itself been accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), the leading international health care evaluation program. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and truly committed to helping you succeed. With over 40 years of experience, we are proud to serve a broad range of health and human service programs throughout Canada.