Indigenous Housing Revitalization Project

In partnership with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Government of Alberta, and the City of Edmonton, a new accessible and affordable housing development will be built at 12038 - 37 Street NW to help mitigate a critical housing shortage in Edmonton. Our goal is to rebuild affordable homes and create healthy inclusive neighbourhoods.

Our new energy efficient, highly adaptable, and accessible homes will integrate seamlessly with the neighbourhood. These new green-build homes will revitalize the neighbourhood and respect the mature community’s sentiments.

We are proposing a two-bedroom home, a barrier free one-bedroom home, and two three-bedroom affordable homes on this property to accommodate the housing needs of four Indigenous families. The two-bedroom home and a one-bedroom barrier free home will be basement suites to make the best use of the land. These homes will be made with concrete and wood to enforce durability and equipped with geothermal heating, cooling technology, and a solar-powered system.


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Good Neighbour Plan

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