Métis Housing

The Métis Housing  consists of the Métis Capital Housing Corporation (MCHC, incorporated in 2007) and the Métis Urban Housing Corporation of Alberta Inc. (MUHC, incorporated in 1982), owned by the Métis Nation of Alberta.

They were created to provide affordable rental housing to low and moderate income Métis and other indigenous families in Alberta.

The two companies (MUHC & MCHC) maintain and manage rental accommodations, providing housing to over 3,000 residents in 14 urban centres throughout Alberta. As non profit corporations we are responsible for renting and maintaining the units. This is a responsibility that covers administration and operations.

Métis Housing has successfully provided affordable shelter to Métis, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Albertans since 1982 and is recognized by our funders, partners and the Métis Nation of Alberta as an effective, efficient and reliable provider of housing management services.

Our Mission Statement

Métis Housing provides affordable, adequate and sustainable housing to low and moderate income Métis and Indigenous families within Alberta. To achieve the mission, we are committed to work in cooperation with all levels of government and other agencies to ensure that housing we provide is affordable, sustainable and adequate for the needs of Métis and Indigenous families.

Our Policy Statement

Métis Housing continually strives for the highest degree of professionalism in the delivery of services it provides to Métis and Indigenous people. In meeting this objective, it considers its employees as its most important asset.

It is imperative that all new employees possess the greatest number of attributes possible to fulfill the tasks, duties and mandate of the position they have been hired to carry out. An underlying duty of each and every employee is to ensure all fellow employees and subordinates receive the benefit of their knowledge and expertise and that every employee has an adequate opportunity for learning and development.

As the organizations’ most important assets, employees have the right to truth, honesty and fair and equitable treatment.

Our Corporate Values

The board and staff of Métis Housing subscribe to and are guided by the following corporate values:

  • We operate in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with tenants, suppliers and the community.
  • We foster a climate that encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and rewards them accordingly.
  • We believe in and focus on people development. We want our tenants to be successful at tenancy and fully prepared for future home ownership when the opportunity arises.
  • We see our role as much more than a provider of shelter
  • We strongly support our community by employing as many Métis and Indigenous people as possible, while recognizing our status as an equal opportunity employer.
  • We take pride in being a well-run, professional Métis organisation.
  • We value good working relationships with all organisations we interact with.