Reaching Home

Homelessness affects many communities and families throughout the world. It impacts young, old, and everyone in between. In 2016, an estimated 129,000 people experienced homelessness at an emergency shelter in Canada.

Unfortunately, homelessness does not only mean living on the street – it can mean couch surfing or even an eviction notice.

Our community is affected by homelessness, and we are doing something about it.

Through funding from Canada, we are now offering the Reaching Home program which will allow for immediate interventions and long-term solutions for Métis Albertans facing homelessness. 

Métis Capital Housing will provide:

  • Housing services including:
    • Short-term rental supplements
    • Damage deposit
    • Moving expenses
    • Landlord mediation
  • Support and resources to prevent eviction
  • Services such as:
    • Financial support
    • Public transit tickets
    • Access to oral care programs
  • Economic integration services including:
    • Assistance with accessing income benefits
    • Job searching
    • Resume writing and interview preparation
    • Education and training assistance
  • Social and community integration including:
    • Access to recreation centres
    • Participation in sports activities
    • Indigenous Elder consultation
  • Clinical and treatment services such as:
    • Mental health and addiction support
    • Partnership with Child and Family Services to support youth in, or who are coming out of care
  • Funding to cover shelter and transitional housing costs, including:
    • Renovation of emergency shelters and transitional housing units
    • Demolition of existing buildings and construction of a new facility for transitional or permanent supportive housing
    • Construction of non-residential facilities such as drop-in centres and counselling spaces
    • Repairs of damages resulting from housing placements

If you or someone you know is facing homelessness in any capacity, please click below for the application forms or reach out to someone today at 780-452-6440 to make a move home.

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Click here for the application.